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ESPRIT v.s. Hermès in the Sex Toy World

Posted on 10 July 2011 by sweetdemure. There have been 0 comments.

A good friend of mine asked me the other day whether there is any difference between cheap and expensive vibrators. Do the expensive ones offer stronger vibration, hence greater orgasms? Do they last longer? Are they safer?

I remember my first sex toy. It was a mini dolphin clit vibrator by The Screaming O Mr X and I purchased from an adult shop during our vacation in Auckland, New Zealand. We (oh well, mostly really just me) were too embarrassed to go to one in Sydney. I looked at the different ranges of vibrators and eyed at the iVibe rabbit vibrators by Doc Johnson. With a price tag of $150 NZD, I thought, "Holly crap! That is expensive!"

They were some other ones also as expensive. I think the general consensus is that you probably are not committed to spending that much on your first sex toy.

That is how I ended up with a modest, small, blue dolphin vibrator that went for less than $20 NZD. Was it good enough, then? Honestly, it excited me, but it didn't give me the "O" that I thought a sex toy would bring. Plus, it was battery operated so it died down after a couple of weeks. In fact, I remember I was in a middle of a play when it gave up on me! I never replaced the battery, but still keep it for my keepsake.

The Screaming O Bullet Buddies

There were a few purchases after that, but none of them was top of the range brands. Then the shop (Sweet Demure) came along and as part of research (or so I would tell Mr X) I tried different brands including the more expensive ones.

In my honest opinion, when asked, "Are they different?" I would say, "Yes, they are." The more expensive range tends to offer stronger vibration, more vibration modes, and rechargeable batteries. I know this sounds weird, but they are also prettier, have more elegant shape and design, and better packaging, which to me (and I'm sure to most women) matter because after all, we are visual creatures.

Are they safer? Firstly, let me say that toys that are sold in Australia are all safe for the intended use. However, just like beauty products, there are always things that you perceive as being safer. In a case of sex toys, more expensive ones tend to be made of phthalate-free materials, or medical-grade silicone instead of rubber.

Do they last longer? Yes they do. In my previous blog, I wrote about LELO GIGI being the love of my life and she still is, after all the long and frequent "actions", it is tested and proven :-)

Now, do you need to buy the most expensive vibrator then? Not really. It depends on what you want. If you want something to keep, it is worth buying the more expensive range, but if you always want something new or has just started experimenting, something cheap is perfectly fine.

I hope this helps you in choosing your first/next toy!


Mrs. X

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