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New Product: Vulcan masturbation sleeves for men

Posted on 3 March 2013 by sweetdemure. There have been 0 comments.

If you're looking for a masturbation sleeve that feels like the real thing at an affordable price, then check out the new Vulcan masturbation sleeves for men! We currently carry the following "mode of entries": Ripe Mouth, Ripe Vagina, Ripe Anus, and Tight Anus.

The packaging is very discrete and can be likened to deodorant in cans like Lynx. Thanks to the "Feel Real" material, the Vulcan masturbation series do feel like the real things: the appearance from the outside, and the texture in the inside. The Ripe Vagina, for example, the lips have been toned with a nice red.

At less than $20 each, it is much cheaper than the famous Fleshlight, and comparable to the Japan-designed Tenga Onacup Series.

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