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Product Review: Mr. & Mrs. X pick we-vibe II

Posted on 28 January 2011 by sweetdemure. There have been 0 comments.

On we-vibe II, Mrs. X says...

I love its shape; it's like a lucky charm or a simply letter c. The two arms are very flexible, allowing it to hug the inside wall better. The slimmer arm is the one to slide inside, but it's very intuitive as the control is at the tip of the other arm, so you'd soon realise it if you get it mixed up.

During intercourse at the first thrust with the we-vibe II inside, it felt a little bit tight, but after a few thrusts it started to rest comfortably - thanks to its flexible design. We started with the tease mode, from low and weak to full and intense vibration speeds. It felt like the vibration on the clit arm was stronger than the one on the g-spot arm, which suited me just fine as I'm not a big fan of very strong vibration inside.

Somehow, it was hard to get the clitoris arm to hit the right spot. I had to wiggle my hips a lot to find the perfect spot and pressure, which excited Mr. X a lot by the way! Once found, the pleasure just built up with each thrust... Then you can guess what happened ;-).

It certainly made lovemaking much more fun and sexy. However, I'm not sure if that was my best O though. We'll try other modes and positions to discover hidden potentials that made thousands of couples vouched it gave them their best orgasms ever.

we-vibe II

we-vibe II


On we-vibe II, Mr. X says...

First of all, I must say we-vibe II is a big improvement from its predecessor. It now has multiple vibration modes. My favourite one goes brr-brr-br-br-br...

we-vibe II has dual stimulators, one for clit and one for g-spot, similar to rabbit vibrators. The main difference is that we (men) can join the action instead of being a mere side-bencher. During intercourse, the vibration from both arms also stimulated my penis shaft and my lower belly.

It's a great product and I recommend it to anyone looking to spice up the more conventional positions. The only criticism I have is the rather hidden control button. Since we used a lot of lube, the control button became slippery and was hard to press to change mode, but it's a minor hiccup for a lot of sensation.

we-vibe II

we-vibe II

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