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Product Review: Mr. X picks Tenga 3D Series

Posted on 24 March 2012 by sweetdemure. There have been 0 comments.

The Tenga team in Japan never fails to impress me (and I'm sure you too) in coming up with male masturbation sleeves with attractive, exciting, and innovative design, yet discreet - take a look at Tenga Eggs, Onacups, and 3D Series for examples.

In this review, I will look closely at Tenga 3D Spiral, one of the 5 Tenga 3D Series: Spiral, Module, Zen, Pile, and Polygon. The Tenga 3D Series were released in late 2011, and just recently awarded "Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012".

Just like the other Tenga 3D Series, Tenga 3D Spiral comes with a clear solid plastic case, a black plastic stand, and a sachet of water-based lubricant. The sleeve itself is made of a white soft, body-safe, medical-grade elastomer with a "spiral" texture.

The first step I did was to take the sleeve off the stand and reverse it so that the texture was now inside. I then tore off the lubricant that came with it, poured it at the opening and inside the hole. Finally, I inserted my penis inside the sleeve.

The sensation was amazing and is rather hard to put in writing. Asked Mrs X to assist, and I came in no time!

I have tried some of the Tenga Eggs, and Onacups in the past, and Tenga 3D Spiral gives the best experience by far! I have heard feedbacks from some customers that the eggs break during action. The Tenga 3D Spiral (and the rest of the Tenga 3D Series) is better, in that it is thicker, hence not as easy to break. The onacups are good, especially because of the vacuum hole at the end of the cups. However, they are more difficult to squeeze and apply pressures because of the hard plastic cases. When using the Tenga 3D Series, on the other hand, your hand comes in contact directly with the sleeves; therefore you can easily apply the pressures and control them as desired.

Best of all, unlike the eggs or the onacups, the Tenga 3D Series are reusable! Up to 50 times, they say, depending of usage. Mine survived the first one and still looked as new. I like how easy it was to clean and how the stand could be used for drying and storage.

Now, the negatives: It'd be great if the sleeves could be heated or frozen for a more realistic or greater sensation. Tenga has Tenga Hole Warmers to be used with the onacups, but I'm not certain if they can be used with the Tenga 3D series. One thing for sure, Tenga says to not freeze the Tenga 3D Series as doing so will degrade them.

The ultimate questions: is it better than a normal hand job? Absolutely! You will never go back! Is it worth the money? Sweet Demure sells it for less than $50, or less than one dollar for a great masturbation experience, and so, yes, absolutely! I can't wait for my next Tenga 3D spiral experience!

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