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Product Review: Mrs. X picks The Original Mini ivibe Rabbit

Posted on 4 September 2011 by sweetdemure. There have been 1 comments.

I'm back again to review The Original, Mini ivibe Rabbit by Doc Johnson. The total length of this rabbit vibrator is 23 cm, but the actual insertable length is only 13 cm, or 5 inch. The diameter is 3.5 cm - thick enough to make a statement.

The Original Mini i-vibe

The controls are quite easy to navigate. The rabbit basically has two parts: a tickler that looks like a rabbit’s ears for clitoris stimulation and a rotating shaft with pearls for g-spot stimulation. You can control the intensity of the vibration through the on and off buttons. I find the lowest intensity is OK for the vibrating rabbit, but a bit weak for the rotating pearls. The highest intensity is quite strong for the rabbit, and just OK for the pearls.

The Original Mini i-vibe

The noise level of the rabbit prong is relatively low. If you are feeling the itch and your roommate or partner is sound asleep, it's likely that they won't notice what's happening under the blanket. However, once you start switching on the pearly bit, the noise level becomes medium and your roommate or partner will likely to notice (unless of course if he/she is as heavy sleeper as Mr. X).

Now the big questions...

How does it perform? I mentioned in another post that I was not a big fan of g-spot style vibrators. The Mini ivibe is different though. My first play with the Mini ivibe, I had *the biggest* orgasm in my life! I was already turned on at that time in anticipation of playing with my new toy, and I had a big g-spot orgasm! The clitoral stimulation can sometimes feel a bit too much (in a good way), and so I often have to reposition it to give myself a break to catch up with my breathing.

Do I like it? I think of it as a wild partner. It's wild, but not for daily use. I think at this time LELO GIGI is still the love my life :-). On the downside, because of its shape, it's quite awkward to use only the rabbit prong without inserting the shaft also. Hence, if you try to get a nice clit stimulation to get you in the mood before the wild play, you'll probably struggle a bit to find a comfortable position. So in my opinion, this rabbit is good if you are already turned on and are in the mood for something wild. And trust me, although it's relatively "mini" in size, it has enough punch to give you a big O.

Another downside, although it's waterproof, mine has a bit of water trapped inside through washing in running water. It doesn't affect its performance, but it's just annoying to see water in there. Perhaps cleaning it with a toy wipe or cleaner is a better option.

I definitely recommend The Original Mini ivibe Rabbit by Doc Johnson, especially if you are looking for the "extra punch". Given the right occasion (as I mentioned above), I wouldn't hesitate to give it a 10/10 (biggest orgasm I had is really quite something!). However, as it may not be the right toy for every occasion, I will score it a 9/10.

I hope this review helps you in getting to know the Mini ivibe a little bit better. Enjoy ladies!

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1 response to Product Review: Mrs. X picks The Original Mini ivibe Rabbit

  • Thanks for the review on the Mini ivibe Rabbit rabbit vibrator. That is a bad thing that this rabbit vibrator is not waterproof if that is what you are looking in a adult sex toys.

    Posted on 15 April 2012 at 3:26 AM


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