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Product Review: Mr. X picks Tenga Onacup Series

Posted on 4 April 2011 by sweetdemure. There have been 0 comments.

"The future of masturbation is here, now!" The Tenga Onacup series have been some of the top selling products from the "FOR HIM" department for a while now. They are fine quality masturbation sleeves made in Japan, and come in five different types, offering different sensations of 'onanism': Air Cushion, Deep Throat, Double Hole, Rolling Head, and Soft Tube.

Tenga Onacup Series

When I first saw the Tenga Onacup series, I immediately admired the sleek, visually appealing, and super discreet design! I am certain you can put one (or two) in your bathroom and noone will ever guess what they are!

If you are deciding to get one to try for yourself, you might be wondering – which one should I choose? To make it more confusing, most types have four variations: standards (red packaging, as pictured above), soft (white packaging, softer internal texture), hard (black packaging, harder internal texture), and ultra size (for larger men) – 12 in total.

Unless if you have 'special' conditions (e.g. sensitive skin, or larger size), then I would suggest get the standard one. This narrows the selection back to five. The next time you are thinking of getting another Tenga Onacup, then you may consider the other variations – soft, hard, ultra size for different sensations.

Three of the most popular ones are the Rolling Head, Deep Throat and Air Cushion (pictured below).

The Rolling Head offers '3D onanism' - twist, roll, left, right, back, forth until you explode. The sensation is comparable with the woman on top sex position.

The Deep Throat, as the name suggests, offers a deep throat experience. Perhaps your partner is reluctant to give you oral sex? Then this is a perfect way to experience it – a win-win situation!

Finally, the Air Cushion offers the ultimate clinging sensation and is comparable with the inverted missionary sex position.

Tenga Onacup Series

How do the Japanese Tenga Onacup series compare with US Fleshlight girls? Both of them are great masturbation sleeves. The Fleshlight girls come in a bigger and bulkier packaging. The Tenga Onacup series, on the other hand, come in much more compact packaging, come with plenty of lubricant and can be thrown away after use. It’s really perfect for travelling and is hassle free. Fleshlight has done a great job in replicating internet porn stars’ vaginas and butts – e.g. Jenna Haze. Using a Fleshlight is like having sex with the porn stars. Tenga focuses on giving amazing sensations and maximum pleasure.

The Tenga Onacup series are meant to be used once only, but nothing stops you from reusing it many times. I recommend washing with cold water and dry it after use, and wearing a thin condom will extend its usage.

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