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What kinds of sex toys do they sell in Europe?

Posted on 25 January 2011 by sweetdemure. There have been 0 comments.

Hello, I’m Mrs. X, and I’ve decided to write a blog as I have so much to tell you!

Mr. X and I just came back from our trip to Europe. While we travelled between cities, we did some research on which sex toy products and brands were popular amongst the European people. Surprise surprise we (Australians) share the same taste! Oh well, I suppose a G-spot is a G-spot regardless whether you are European, Asian, or Oceanian.

In Paris, LELO is dominating the market and the shops there have lovely collections of lingerie, truly a feast for the eyes, sexy but not slutty. Inspired by Paris, I'm so keen on expanding our lingerie section, so make sure you watch the space!

In Germany, Fun Factory is everywhere. Surprise surprise since Fun Factory is originated from Germany anyway. Mr. X is currently expanding our collection on this brand, so again watch the space!

In Amsterdam I came across a brand that I never heard of, JimmyJane. Anyone tried it? The packaging looked appealing, similar to LELO. I'll research more on this and maybe try one or two products and decide if I want to bring the brand into the shop as well.

The famous red-light district in Amsterdam

The good news is that we are in sync with Europe. Their new products we have as well. The only difference is that they are so much more open on their sexuality.

In Switzerland, for example, they have adult shops next to service stations, perhaps to keep the bus/truck drivers entertained while they wait for their compulsory break to finish ;-p. Can't imagine that here!

Overall, the trip has opened my eyes that there are *so much* more work that Mr. X and I have to do to make sure we are bringing you the latest and the best.

An appeal to all of you, please help us with the reviews. If you have tried something and love/hate it, please share with us. I try to bring you objective reviews but I suppose it all comes down to the number of products available in the market and the number of orgasms I can muster in a day :-). Your help will be greatly appreciated!

If you have any interesting stories or favourite brands that you can't find here at our shop, please let me know as well. Finally, if you have any question on any products/ brands, please send me an email. As I said, I haven't tried *every* product on the market, but chances are I've tried the brand or else I can help you do the research. Perhaps I should start a forum so people can get advise/help/share experience with others? What do you think?


Mrs. X

It's really time to play and be happy :-)

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