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Tenga Egg Wavy

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Just like the waves of the mother ocean keep arriving at the shores, multiple layers of the wavy ribs deliver continuous ecstasy-inducing sensations. When the large and soft edges of the ribs travel over the head of your shaft, they create a remarkable trembling stimulus.
Enjoy the phenomenal ribbed sensations of 6 styles of TENGA EGG masturbators. These little beauties are stretchy and fit all sizes. Simply unwrap, add the enclosed pouch of lube and indulge yourself in knee-trembling sensations with the super-tactile sleeves.

Perfect travel toys - pop them in your pocket and enjoy the ultimate ready-to-go-RIGHT-NOW orgasm.
Manufacturer TENGA
Manufacturer SKU tene
Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZbRjPRKS7c
Insertable Length (inch) No

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